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TC, Thermocouple, Thermistor, Thermowell, Calorimeter, Radiometer, Thin Film Temperature Sensors at RdF Corporation

Earth, Astronaut, Space Station: From
Deep Space to Deep Sea and Everywhere In-Between
Specialists in Temperature Measurement: From Deep Space to Deep Sea...and Everywhere In-Between
RdF Corporation designs, produces and develops top-class innovative temperature sensors: RTDs and thermocouples, including Stikon®, Strapon®, bond-on, immersion and thread-in temperature and heat flux sensors and heaters. Optimized for ease-of-use, toughness, long-term reliability and low-cost, our temperature sensors are the optimal choice for demanding aerospace, military, nuclear, OEM and industrial applications.

We offer several Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT), and other RTD and TC temperature sensors, including:
Insertion Capsules and
Surface Capsules in standard and miniature configurations.

RdF Surface RTD and Surface Thermocouple sensors include Stikon®, Strapon® and Heavy Duty styles.

Flexible Foil Thermocouples,
are Kapton® Laminated. We manufacture custom Foil Heaters and Flex Heaters and Foil Bridge Completion Circuits for Aeropsace & Military applications. For more info see our Custom Foil Heaters Overview.

Our Industrial RTDs and Industrial Thermocouples, come in sanitary, and explosion proof probe variations, for many industrial applications.
See our Industrial RTDs section for RTDs with Wire Wound or Thin Film sensing elements.

For use in aggressive chemicals, use our Immersible Capsules.

Cryogenic RTD Sensors, for Aerospace/Military and Industrial Applications, have RdF exclusive Hollow Annulus elements.

DIN B 2-wire Transmitter (PT- 100) doesn't require a special interface to operate.

Use our Thermowells and Accessories guide to correctly identify type and configuration for industrial-strength temperature sensors.

Our Calorimeter, Radiometer and Heat Shield Plugs use exclusive RdF foil and proprietary thin insulation.

General Capabilities

Spring Loaded Platinum or Nickel RTD, MIL-SPEC and FAA-PMA Approved Immersion Thermocouples for Aerospace/Military Applications.

R-AIR Air Sensor utilizing Platinum Resistance Temperature Technology.

See our Application Notes section for temperature sensor tutorials.

Tutorial Quick-Links:
Surface Temperature Sensor technology
- for in-depth information about Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) and Thermocouples (T/Cs).

Platinum Resistance Thermometry and
Platinum RTD Probe Construction (PRTs).

Micro- Foil®, thin foil type Thermopile technology, is covered in the RdF article Simplified Heat Flow Measurement. See Heat Flux Sensors, types HFS-A and HFS-C for product descriptions.

Our Aircraft Sensors are available as high-purity RTD or Thermistor probe assemblies.



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