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Platinum RTDs (Strapon)

Understanding Contact Temperature Sensors
A historical perspective of theory and practical technologies
supports platinum RTDs for most contact thermometry.

Thermowells, Platinum RTDs

So, What is a Platinum RTD?
Platinum RTD output equations used worldwide for
industrial design and important specifications are discussed.

Wire Wound

Platinum RTD Probe Construction
Construction of many of the high performance designs
at RdF is illustrated.

Explosion Proof

Explosion Proof: Is it really?
This article explains ‘explosion proof’ and the related
hardware specifications.

Surface Temperature Sensors

RdF Surface Temperature Sensors
An inclusive overview and guide for the selection and use of
RdF’s unique family of RTD and TC surface temperature sensors.

Foil Thermopile Heat Flow Sensors

Simplified Heat Flow Measurement
This article summarizes RdF’s exclusive foil thermopile
heat flow sensors including the important topic of calibration.

RdF Platinum RTD vs. TC Tables

RdF Platinum RTD and TC Tables
The standard International and RdF reference grade
values versus temperature.

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