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Programmable In-Head RTD Temperature Transmitter (PT-100)
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  (PT-100) Temperature Transmitter    
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• Push Button Calibration
• RTD Sensor Input
• Drift Free Digital Linearization
• Re-Rangeable Without a PC
• LED Over-Range Indication
• One Spare Transmitter Can Cover Entire Range
• Reverse Polarity Protection

The RdF 2910 in-head RTD temperature transmitter incorporates the latest in digital technology accuracy ensuring drift free operation. The transmitter connects to any
standard RTD and draws 4 to 20 mA linear with temperature. Since the zero and span
are set to conform to a particular sensor type, the sensor temperature coefficient of
resistance (“a = 0.00385, 0.003916, 0.003923, etc...”) has negligible effect on accuracy.

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