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Industrial RTDs
RdF assures reliability in all configurations using proven proprietary materials, processes and parts. Our application engineers have hundreds of variations available to help you define the part specification for the ‘best fit’ you deserve. [Warning: don’t try this by yourself!]


RTD Series 21
Complete family of full range 1/4" diameter probes including hermetic designs. Every platinum element type in wire or thin film, single or dual is available.

21A Straight probe
21C Hermetically sealed rigid probe with 1/2 NPT hex mount and connector
21H Hermetically sealed straight probe with transition and cable
21B Rigid probe with welded double 1/2 NPT hex mount
21D Spring-loaded probe with universal spring inside any style pipe mount


RTD Series 218
Full range 1/8" diameter probes respond faster.
Small diameter suits lab use.

218A Straight probe
218T Straight probe with 1/4" diameter transition to larger leads


RTD Series 22
FM approved for explosion proof use with all element and hardware styles. Probe sheaths in either stainless steel or Inconel are approved.

22B – Rigid probe with welded double 1/2 NPT hex mount
22D Spring-loaded probe with universal spring inside any stainless steel mount


RTD Pressure Fail-Safe
Exclusive seal at mounting withstands 1500 PSI if probe tube is severed. Recommended for pipeline or any applications specifying a back-up seal.

22314 Rigid probe, welded header inside welded double 1/2 NPT mount
22421 Spring-loaded probe, welded header above spring in the mount


RTD Series 23
Optimized mid-range thin film RTDs with fast response, immersible design. Low cost 1/4" diameter probes highlight low-cost spring-loaded mount choices.

23A Straight Probe (Can be cut or bent).
23B Rigid Probe with welded double 1/2 NPT hex mount.
23D Spring-Loaded probe with universal spring inside
any style 1/2" Pipe Mount.


Thermowells and Accessories
(also listed under Industrial Thermocouples)

Easy specification format will correctly define the thermowell type, size and material. RdF's compact aluminum connection head is available FM approved as explosion proof to 260℃ (500℉).
All items are used with both RTDs and Thermocouples.

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