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Accuracy and Reliability
RdF temperature sensors have a reputation for long term accuracy and reliability under the most adverse environmental conditions. Our sensors are used to measure temperatures from the cryogenic region (-452°F) up to and in excess of 2000°F.

The success of the RdF temperature sensors is attributed to the design considerations observed for developing products which will perform and survive the required environmental conditions with a significant margin of safety.

This overview will give a brief summary of the industries in which our products are utilized.
RdF Custom Design Services

We have a full engineering staff to assist you in designing and verifying the best sensor for your specific application.

Extended Capabilities
RdF's unsurpassed process capabilities support an extended menu of proven design elements.

Verifiable Quality
Our traceable laboratory provides verification through temperature calibration, automated cycle testing, response time determination, heat-flux calibration and electrical testing.

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