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  Simplified Heat Flow Measurement
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here are many instances where it is desirable to measure heat flow instead of or in addition to temperature. The use of Micro-Foil® heat flow sensors simplifies the measurement of heat flow wherever accurate data on heating or cooling rates is required. This discussion will focus on the Micro-Foil® type sensors. The unique construction of Micro-Foil® sensors provides an easy-to-attach surface sensor with the lowest thermal capacity, fastest response time and least disturbance to heat flow. Typical applications for heat flow sensors exist in industries such as plastic, machinery, paper and automotive and they are also used in heat transfer studies such as determining the thermal properties of insulation systems. Heat flow sensors are also being used in energy management of buildings. These unique sensors have been used on every major space program, providing accurate data on structural heat transfer, heat shield performance, ablation studies, and aerodynamic wind tunnel studies.

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