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Surface RTDs
RdF’s tough surface RTDs optimized for user installation are presented in this section. Exclusive designs outperform all others for installed accuracy, environmental resistance and easy installation. Contact us for installation recommendations including optional adhesive layers

Stikon® RTD _

Stikon® RTD    (See Surface Capsules for miniature choices)
This platinum wire sensor proven over 4 decades is thin, flat and flexible to sample the temperature uniformly over the attached area. Large 3 or 4 wire flat cable leads are strongly anchored in the sensor.

Strapon® Surface RTD sensor _ Strapon® RTD    (See Immersible Capsules for plain surface sensors)
Everything needed for successful industrial surface temperature measurement on flat or curved surfaces down to 1" radius. The stainless steel sensing surface and thermal insulation over the sensor flex for good contact, in three attachment configurations. Safe for condensing environments.

22391 – Adhesive or tape mount, adhesive layer optional
– Bolt down mount
– Pipe clamp mount, choose clamp size

Strapon® Wide Range Thin Film Surface RTD sensor _ Wide Range Thin Film Strapon® RTD
These wide range (-200°C to +260°C) surface sensors are easy to install and use thin film style sensors. The sensor is manufactured to DIN Standard IEC751.

22525 – Bolt down mount
– Pipe clamp mount, choose clamp size


Wide Range Wire Wound Strapon® RTD Sensors
These wide range (-270°C to +260°C) surface sensors are easy to install and use wire wound style sensors. The sensor can be manufactured in either DIN or reference grade platinum.


Low Cost Capsule _ Low Cost Capsule
Low cost for limited temperature range, -50°C to +150°C. For general application, 1000 Ω 2 wire configuration

Heavy Duty Industrial RTD _ Heavy Duty Industrial RTD
This style is a full range RTD probe with a heavy bolt-down or weld-down flange for mounting the probe on a surface.

22802 – RTD with surface mount flange.


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