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OEM RTD Capsules
RdF develops low cost RTD capsules with benchmark specifications such as ultra-fast response and wet immersion capability to fit into standard holes or to bond on to small surfaces. Contact our application engineers to customize capsule size and leads to ‘exact fit’ at lowest cost.

Insertion Capsules

Sealed Metal Capsule RTD _

Sealed Metal Capsule RTDs
Proprietary process directly seals the element and lead attachment for wet applications and fills for fast response. These strong, ready for use 2" long stainless steel capsules also function as probes. (For aggressive chemicals see Immersible Capsules)

29258 0.250" + 0.004" – 0.000" diameter stainless, immersible
29259 0.187" + 0.004" – 0.000" diameter stainless, immersible
29260 0.125" + 0.003" – 0.000" diameter stainless, immersible

micro-capsule RTD _

Micro-Capsule RTDs
The smallest diameter 0.6" long stainless steel or ceramic capsules are precision sizes. Each is offered moisture resistant or in high temperature ranges.

29348 <0.066" diameter stainless, moisture resistant
29362 <0.066" diameter stainless, max temperature
29363 <0.086" diameter alumina, moisture resistant
29326 <0.086" diameter alumina, high temperature
  (also under Non-Metal Capsule RTDs)
29364 <0.086" diameter alumina, max temperature

non-metal capsule rtd _

Non Metal Capsule RTDs
0.6" long capsules fit standard holes or tubes; in every temperature range. RdF’s exclusive, rugged designs in precise diameters include choice of 2, 3 or 4 wire lead configuration.

29226 <0.187" diameter alumina, mid temperature
29227 <0.187" diameter alumina, max temperature
29235 <0.187" diameter alumina, moisture resistant
29228 <0.125" diameter alumina, mid temperature
29229 <0.125" diameter alumina, max temperature
29234 <0.125" diameter alumina, moisture resistant
29231 <0.098" diameter polyimide, mid temperature
29232 <0.098" diameter polyimide, high temperature
29233 <0.098" diameter polyimide, moisture resistant
29326 <0.086" diameter alumina, high temperature
  (also under Micro-Capsule RTDs)

Surface Capsules (Contact us to select an optional adhesive layer)

standard surface capsule _

Standard Surface Capsules
Low cost 260°C (500°F) surface capsules are both tough and flexible. Strong, custom Teflon® insulated flat cabled 28 AWG stranded leads are offered with 2, 3 or 4 wires.

29230 0.22" wide x 0.5" long, 2 or 3 wire
29309 0.27" wide x 0.5" long, 4 wire

miniature surface capsule _

Miniature Surface Capsules
These are the smallest and thinnest in the world, including the stranded wire flat Teflon® cable.

29222 0.14" wide x 0.4" long, 2 wire
29223 0.19" wide x 0.4" long, 3 wire

immersible capsule _

Immersible Capsules
A RdF exclusive, completely sealed internally with fused Teflon® for immersibility in aggressive chemicals at high temperature. Larger lead cables serve tough applications. Flat Kapton® bottom surface enables bonding for surface use.

0.30" wide (2 or 3 wire) x 0.8" long, FEP sensor and round cable for rough applications
0.25" wide (2 or 3 wire) or 0.30" wide (4 wire) x 0.5" long, PFA sensor and flat cable
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