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Micro-Foil Heat Flux Sensors
  assorted heat flux sensors
For precise measurement of heat transfer
(loss or gain) through any material surface.
Effective with all methods of heat transfer, including radiation,
convection, and conduction.
Exclusive full range of sizes from 1206 surface component size to large area arrays.
Linear millivolt output gives the heat transfer rate.
Easily attached to any flat or curved surface and completely non-invasive.
Dual function models measure both heat transfer and surface temperature.
Low cost models with interchangeable output for commercial applications.
(i.e. Model 27160, more on data sheet HFS-C including large area sensor arrays)
Operating temperature range from –300°F (–184°C) to 500°F (260°C).
Exclusive, wide range, ultra-fast response water-cooled laboratory standard.
Many thermal R & D, measurement
and control applications
Determining thermal properties of materials.
Flight and ground test heat transfer at on-board sensor on a passive heat sink. (Examples on Data Sheet SP-002: Thermal Sensors, Calorimeters/Radiometers)
Aircraft materials fire-safety testing sensor on a water-cooled heat sink. (Model 27650)
Aerodynamic wind tunnel studies.
Thermal stress analysis.
Structural heat transfer monitoring.
Process control in heat-treating, rolling-mills and glass production.
Early-alert signal leads measurable temperature change for enhanced control.
Measuring human aerobic activity.
Proving HVAC design and improving EMCS performance.
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