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Industrial Thermocouples
RdF’s industrial thermocouples all conform to special limits of error and include flexible stranded leads. The flexible external leads are weld and solidly potted inside a welded transition to eliminate breakage.

Series 77, Industrial Thermocouple  
Complete family of full range, special accuracy mineral insulated thermocouples with extra value stranded leads. Choice of diameter and sheath material in ANSI types E,
J, K or T single or dual junctions.

77A Straight probe, some with larger transition
77B Rigid probe with welded 1/2 NPT hex mount
77C Straight probe with quick disconnect
77D Spring-loaded probe with universal spring
inside any style 1/2" pipe mount

Series 78, Explosion Proof Industrial Thermocouple
FM approved for explosion proof use with above ANSI types and all hardware styles.

78B Rigid probe with welded 1/2 NPT hex mount
78D Spring-loaded probe with universal spring inside
any stainless steel mount

Thermowells and Accessories  (Also listed under Industrial RTDs)
Easy specification format will correctly define the thermowell type, size and material. RdF’s compact aluminum connection head is available FM approved as explosion proof to 260? (500?). All items are used with both TCs and RTDs.
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