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Temperature Range
–100°C to 200°C (FEP)
–100°C to 350°C (Polyimide)

Kapton®/FEP construction
Kapton®/Polyimide construction

Resistance Tolerance

Watt Density
up to 40 W/in2, typical
up to 80 W/in2, Polyimide to 200°C

0.010" maximum over heater

0.3" minimum bend radius


TML1<1%, CVCM2 <0.1%

Stranded nickel plated copper,
TFE Teflon® insulation
per MIL-W-16878
Kapton® or fiberglass insulation

Dialectric Strength
1250 VAC

Maximum Size
6" x 11"




1 TML = Total Mass Loss
2 CVCM = Combustible Volatile Condensate Material

Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Corporation

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