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RdF Print Format Data Sheets

The pages here are all 800 x 600 optimized for easy onscreen viewing. For printing Catalog Data Sheets and Application notes, an HTML print-format version has been provided.

The print-format data sheets are designed to fit a 8.5" x 11" page. To avoid printing conflicts, we recommend printing with the widest possible margin settings.

The simple steps to take to enable perfect printing of our data sheets are as follows:

Printer Friendly
  Google Chrome:  

1. Activate the Background Graphics:

When you click Ctrl + p to print the page, a print preview window will open; on the left menu click More Settings:



Scroll down to options and check the Background graphics option:


On the right side, scroll down to check the print preview before printing:




Internet Explorer:


When you click the Alt Button internet explorer's top menu will show up

1. Change Page Setup:

Go to File and then select "Page Setup"


Check the "Print Background Colors and Images" option and then click OK:




3. Print Preview

Go to the File menu and select "Print Preview":


This option provides a nice way to check the layout of the print job. You can always get back to the Page Setup to edit other options: Margins, Headers and footers settings:


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