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Immersible Platinum RTD Capsules
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Sensors 29272 and 29280 are completely immersible in aggressive chemicals at high temperatures. May be surface mounted and submerged. For tight temperature control, this low cost versatile platinum RTD features 0.05°C stability and small size. Available in 100 or 1000 Ω configurations with two, three or four wire flat cable, Model 29280 fits through a 1.4mm (0.055 inch) gap for maximum accessibility up to 260°C (500°F). Model 29272 with tough, round cable leads and lower cost is useful in temperatures up to 232°C (450°F).

• High Temperature Flat Design
• Fits Narrow Accesses
• Platinum RTD Stability
• Standard Curves
• Low Cost
• Custom Lead Length
• Universal configuration is also surface mountable
• PFA Sensor for Maximum Temperature and Maximum Chemical Resistance

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