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Industrial Applications

RdF Corporation temperature sensor products provide accurate measurement of temperatures in production processes which include: chemicals, food, beverage, petroleum, paper, geological, metals, plastics, rubber, photographic, and pharmaceuticals. RdF’s line of temperature sensors are designed to provide accurate and repeatable operation, using superior hardware designs compatible with installations worldwide.
RdF Sensors for Industrial Process

Thin film and wire-wound RTDs
Foil Thermocouples and Heaters
Heat Flux Sensors
Steel Sheathed Probes, RTDs and Thermocouples
Explosion Proof RTDs and Thermocouples
Surface mountable sensors; rigid & flexible styles
Immersible RTDs
Sanitary 3-A registered RTDs
Sensors for use in corrosive fluids: caustic chemicals (I.E., plating baths)

Industrial Applications for RdF Sensors

Cryogenic Transfer Generators – See Hollow Anulus Platinum RTD Probes.
Fiber Injection
Heating-Ventilating-Air Conditioning (HVAC) sensors with transmitter options
Pharmaceutical, Chemical
 Food and Beverage Food Penetration Sensors
Petroleum, Paper, Rubber, Plastics
Geological, metals
 Plating and painting – Paint Booth Sensor. Plating Sensor.
Environment test apparatus
Weighing and measuring instruments
 Oil Industry – Down Hole Logging Tool Sensor

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