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Aircraft Applications

RdF Corporation is a supplier of a variety of temperature sensors used on most aircraft in the commercial fleet. Our sensors measure temperatures of windshields, brakes, cabin, air ducts, hydraulic lines, and interstage turbine temperatures.
The sensor products are designed to provide accurate and repeatable operation while maintaining configuration conformity to aircraft specifications.


RdF Sensors Provided to the Aircraft Industry
 Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)
 Thermocouple probes and surface mounts
 Thermistor probe assemblies
 Windshield Sensors
 FAA-PMA, approved for use on turbine engines.
Aircraft Applications for RdF Sensors

      RdF sensors measure the temperature of…
 Heated Windshields and canopy
 Cabin Environment
 Air Ducts
 Engine Control Modules
 Hydraulic Lines
 Interstage turbine temperatures
 Fuel and Oil temperatures

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