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Miniature Flexible Platinum RTD Capsules
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Low cost, flexible, sealed platinum RTD is the world's smallest and toughest.

This 100Ω DIN-IEC sensor is refractory sealed for ±0.05°C stability. Its extremely small and thin design allows this flexible package to easily conform on complex surfaces for accurate response in milliseconds. Platinum ribbons welded within the sealed RTD provide flexibility and toughness. Moisture resistance for condensation and shallow immersion is provided by Kapton®/Teflon® lamination that completely encapsulates the assembly and lead entrance. Standard operating range is –200°C to 260°C. Clamped sensors can withstand 315°C.

_ Strong welded leads
_ Full platinum RTD stability
_ Flexible, tough and durable
_ Best for small radius surfaces and tubes
_ Completely sealed
_ Recommended for condensing environments
_ Strain isolated
_ Temperature range is -200°C to 260°C
_ Time constant is <0.2 seconds on metal surfaces
_ Long-term stability better than 0.05°C (0.02Ω) per 5 years

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