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Platinum RTD Micro-Capsules
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To satisfy the demand for smaller components, RdF has introduced ultra-small diameter RTD capsules with a super fast response time. These ready to use platinum RTD Micro-Capsules have two insulated lead wires welded and anchored internally. This construction assures reliable rugged embedment, insertion or probe assembly. Precision diameters are 0.066” max. stainless steel and 0.086” max. alumina. One version of each is rated to 510°C (950°F). Choose a moisture rated version for condensing conditions. Model 29348 will also withstand shallow immersion.

RdF's laser welding capabilities and engineering support incorporate sensors into sophisticated housings.

_ Small — Small size fits tight places
_ Fast — Low mass means quick response
_ Accurate — Platinum sensor offers greatest stability
_ Wide Range — Accurate temperature measurement from -200°C to 510°C
_ Durable — Lead wires are welded and anchored

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