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RdF Surface Temperature Sensors
II. Types of Surface Sensors

A. Flexible Platinum Stikon® RTD Sensor 22810

This model is a platinum wire resistance temperature sensor which is designed to be easily installed and can conform to various surface contours. The standard resistance is 100Ω with a nominal IEC 751 curve (0.00385Ω/Ω/°C). This sensor’s temperature range is
-200°C to +232°C (-320°F to +450°F).

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Flexible Platinum Stikon RTD Sensor

B. Flexible Stikon® Thermocouples

This series of flexible, inexpensive, insulated thermocouples are available in standard type “K”, “E”, or “T”, or “J” calibrations. They are easy to install on various surface contours and are usable from –200°C to +260°C (–320°F to +500°F) continuous and to +371°C (+700°F) for short periods.

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Flexible Stikon Thermocouple

C. Flexible Foil Thermocouples

This series of flexible, fast response thermocouples are available in insulated or uninsulated configurations. They are constructed of thermocouple materials with “K”, “E”,
or “T” calibrations. They have useful temperature ranges between –200°C to +816°C (–320°F to +1500°F) depending on the thermocouple type.

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Flexible Foil Thermocouples

D. Surface Platinum RTD Capsules

These platinum RTD Capsule assemblies are ideal for the most demanding surface measurement applications. Available in 100Ω or 1000Ω configurations, these versatile components cover the range from –200°C to +260°C (–320°F to +500°F). Available in two, three or four lead wire configurations.

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Surface Platinum RTD Capsules

E. Heavy Duty Sensors 22802 & 26881

These sensors are designed to be used for applications where they may be subjected to harsh environments or physical abuse. They are available as either RTD's or thermocouples and can be mounted by bolting, clamping, welding, etc. They have useful temperature ranges between –200°C to +760°C (–320°F to +1400°F) depending on type and term of use.

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Heavy Duty Sensors

F. Strapon® Sensors RTD 22391, 22392 & 22393.
Thermocouple 26391, 26392 & 26393

These sensors are designed for very easy installation with thermal insulation already installed. They are extremely flexible, available as an RTD or Thermocouple. They have a useful temperature range between –200°C to +232°C (–320°F to +450°F) continuous as mounted, 260°C (500°F) short term clamped.

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Data Sheet T-STR-LOW for Thermocouple Types

Strapon Sensors, RTD and Thermocouples



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