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 21A, C & H  21B  21D  Lag Hardware  Connection Heads

Connection Heads with Terminals
NEMA 4 w/gasket  Illustrations on Data Sheet T-WELLS/ACCESSORIES

Connection Head Connection Head Connection Head

CODE _  to order with sensor:  to order alone:   Conduit Max. Temp
A  Small cast aluminum head  P/N 51590-1   1/2 NPT 125°C
B  High temp. small cast aluminum head  P/N 51590-2   1/2 NPT 260°C
C  Cast Iron head  P/N 51840-1   3/4 NPT 260°C
D  For no connection head specify “D”        
E  Large cast aluminum head  P/N 52298-1   3/4 NPT 260°C
F  Economy conduit body  P/N 41438   1/2 NPT 125°C
G  Explosion proof small cast aluminum head  P/N 41333-1   1/2 NPT 125°C
H  High temp. expl. proof small cast aluminum head  P/N 41333-2   1/2 NPT 260°C
I  Hinged plastic  P/N 54684   3/4 NPT 125°C
J  Hinged cast aluminum  P/N 54681   3/4 NPT 125°C
K  Din B cast aluminum  P/N 55261   1/2 NPT 100°C
S  Other (please specify when ordering)        
T  Transmitter, specify or supply w/head        

Terminals: All heads include at least 4 two-screw strap terminations. 6 can be requested in styles “C” and “E”. Style “K” includes 6 two-screw post straps. Styles “A”, “B”, “G” & “H” can have up to 8 screw-in post straps.


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