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  PLATINUM RTD Probe Construction
sheath materials::

Commonly used sheath materials for industrial sensors and their recommended service are as follows:

Brass. Used for low-temperature commodity applications in mild environments such as air or water temperature measurements.
304 stainless steel. Good corrosion-resistant characteristics and adequate for most common corrosive agents encountered in industry; service temperatures up to 900°F; advantages for machined housings.
316 stainless steel. The most corrosion resistant of the common stainless steels; increased corrosion resistance to non-oxidizing acids such as sulphuric, phosphoric, and acetic; service temperature up to 900°F; standard on RdF industrial probes and capsules.
Inconel 600. Better high-temperature corrosion resistance than stainless steels; pre-oxidized sheaths for temperatures up to 1500°F; optional on RdF industrial probes.


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