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  Performance Specifications

Temperature Range/Stranded Lead Limits
Type J: 
  0°C to 720/320°C (32°F to 1330/600°F)
Type K:
  –200°C to 760/480°C (–320°F to 1400/900°F)
Type T:
  –200°C to 370/200°C (–320°F to  700/400°F)
Type E:
  –200°C to 760/370°C (–320°F to 1400/700°F)

Thermocouple Types
“J” (Iron/Constantan)
“K” (Chromel/Alumel)
“T” (Copper/Constantan)
“E” (Chromel/Constantan)

Per standard limits of error
as stated in ASTM E230.



Insulation Resistance
The insulation resistance between the housing and the leads is 50 megohms with 50 Volts DC applied to a dry sensor at room temperature.

Lead Wire
#20 AWG stranded thermocouple conductors, fiberglass insulated over each and overall.

Sensors can be bolted, clamped, or welded into place.

Reference Data
For installation and mounting considerations refer to
Application Note AN-S.

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