RdF Surface Temperature SENSORS
Table of Contents
I.  Introduction
  A. Thermocouple Sensors or RTD Sensors
  B. RTD Surface Sensors
  C. Thermocouple Surface Sensors
II.  Types of Surface Sensors
  A. Flexible Platinum Wire RTD
  B. Flexible Strapon® Thermocouples
  C. High Temperature Foil Thermocouples
  D. Surface Platinum RTD Capsules
  E. Heavy Duty RTDs and Thermocouples
  F. Strapon® RTDs and Thermocouples
III.  Surface Sensor Selection Guide
IV.  Mounting Considerations
  A. Flexible Sensors
  B. Rigid Sensors
  C. Strapon® Sensors
V.  Typical Applications
VI.  Surface Thermocouple Specifications
VII.  Platinum Resistance Ratio Table
VIII.  Useful Conversion