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  Performance Specifications

Sensor Temperature Range
–200°C to 850°C
–328°F to 1562°F

RTD Sensing Element
3 Wire 100Ω Platinum RTD DIN 43760;
IEC 751 (a = 0.00385 Ω/Ω/°C)
JIS1604 (a = 0.003916 Ω/Ω/°C)

Accuracy and Linearity

±0.1°C ±0.1% from –100°C to 510°C
±0.2°C ±0.1% from –150°F to 950°F
±0.2°C ±0.2% from –200°C to 840°C
±0.4°C ±0.2% from –320°F to 1550°F

Minimum Span
20°C (40°F)

Excitation Current
1 mA maximum

Sample Rate
500 mS per sample

Red LED indicates open RTD
or over-range
Maximum current: 22 mA

Thermal Drift
Zero = ±0.12mA /°F
Span = ±0.28mA /°F

Warm Up Time
2 minutes to full accuracy

Programming Switch
Momentary push button

Lead Resistance
Maximum 10Ω/leg
Effect 0.02% full range output
(plus lead resistance mismatch)


Teflon® is a registered trademark
of the DuPont Corporation.


Output Range
4-20 mA 2 wire loop powered
(can be ranged 20-4 mA)
Maximum 3.8 to 22 mA

Supply Voltage
8 to 30 VDC

Voltage Effect


Up-Scale 22 mA
(Downscale to order)

Thermal Drift
Zero: ±0.12mA/°F
Span: ±0.28mA/°F

Response Time
500 mS to reach 70% of Value

Loop Resistance
Max. 800R at 24 VDC

Loop Noise
±0.1mA p-p

Ripple Rejection
(measured @ 50 Hz 1 volt p-p)

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