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_ Performance Specifications

Temperature Range
Teflon® leads:
-50°C to 200°C (-60°F to 390°F)
Kapton® leads:
-200°C to 350°C (-320°F to 660°F)
Fiberglass leads:
-75°C to 510°C (-100°F to 950°F)

Sensing Element
International grade IEC 751 thin film platinum, a=0.00385 Ω/Ω/°C

Ice Point Resistance
100±0.12Ω or 1000±1.2Ω;
International Class B: (±0.12%)

Time Constant
(Water at 3ft/sec)
0.066 Diameter = 0.4 seconds
0.086 Diameter = 0.6 seconds

> 15mW/°C

±(0.3°C + 0.005 |t| °C),
IEC 751 Class B, above -50°C

Long Term Stability
Better than 0.05°C (0.02% of resistance) per 5 years, -60°C to 300°C,
0.25°C per year to 510°C

Insulation Resistance
>50 Megohms at 50VDC at 25°C

    Maximum Current
100Ω=5 mA, 1000Ω=2 mA
for limited self-heating.
Also suitable as self-heated sensors

Recommended Current
1 mA maximum for temperature sensing

Pressure Seal
Moisture proof model 29348
withstands 300psi

Case Materials
316 stainless steel on 0.066" diameter
Alumina on 0.086" diameter

Lead Materials
Stranded or solid copper, plated, insulated and temperature rated as follows:
• 34 AWG stranded, silver plated, PTFE Teflon®, white, 200°C (390°F) for 0.066 diameter
• 30 AWG stranded, silver plated, PTFE Teflon®, white, 200°C (390°F) for 0.086 diameter
• 28 AWG stranded, nickel plated, Kapton®, natural, 350°C (660°F) for 0.086 diameter
• 30 AWG solid, nickel plated, two-wire cable with fiberglass over each lead, natural and black, fiberglass overall, 510°C (950°F) for both sizes


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