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Simplified Heat Flow Measurement

Since Micro-Foil® heat flow sensors are self-generating devices that yield an output signal in millivolts or microvolts (depending on sensitivity and range), commonly available readout instrumentation, that can resolve these signals, is all that is required by the user.

Temperature should be determined at the time the heat flow measurement is made. Apply the available temperature correction to readings at temperatures below freezing. The correction for warm temperatures <110� can normally be neglected. See Figure 4. In many applications, foil type or fine-wire thermocouples built directly into a Micro-Foil® heat flow sensor provide accurate temperature measurement at the best location.

A heat flow measurement installation, shown in Figure 2, illustrates possible specialized display instrumentation that today is provided by instrumentation system logic functions.


Figure 2. Heat Flow Measurement Installation and How it Works. 1. Heat In, 2. Heat Flow Meter, 3. Heat Flow Totalizer.

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