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  Performance Specifications

Operating Temperature Range
–200°C to +232°C
(–320°F to +450°F)
continuous as mounted.
260°C (500°F)
short-term clamped.

Thermocouple Types
J (Iron/Constantan)
K (Chromel/Alumel)
T (Copper/Constantan)
E (Chromel/Constantan)

Per standard limits of error
for thermocouples.

Time Response
0.5 seconds (ungrounded),
0.25 seconds (grounded)
for the sensor to reach 63.2%
of a change in mounting
surface temperature.


Insulation Resistance
The insulation resistance
between the outer metal faces
and the common leadwires is:
50 megohms minimum with
50 Volts DC applied to a dry
sensor at room temperature.

Lead Wire
#20 AWG stranded
Thermocouple conductors;
fiberglass insulated
with fiberglass overbraid.

Sensors can be bolted, clamped
or welded into place.

Reference Data
For installation and mounting considerations refer to
Application Note AN-S.


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