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Ordering Specifications

Please supply the following information:

  1. Terminal or wire location.
  2. What type of material will be heated?
  3. What is the maximum temperature?
  4. How much time is required to bring the material from ambient to the operating temperature?
  5. Approximate dimensions of unit or system to be heated.


  1. Operating temperature: From _____ to _____ °C °F (please select units)
  2. Heat up rate: _____min.
  3. Ambient temperature: _____ °C °F
  4. Heater environment: Will the heater be exposed to weather, wind, rain, etc.? ________
  5. Power requirement: _______ Watts _______ Volts
  6. Dimensions: Width _______ Length _______ Thickness _______
  7. Lead wires: Length _______ Wire Size _______ Insulation __________
  8. Type of material to be heated: __________________________________________________
  9. Weight of unit or material to be heated: ________________ lbs.
  10. Will heater unit be insulated? __________

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