Foil heaters can be fabricated to any shape and can be designed to vary the watt density so that the heat is delivered to precise locations. Foil heaters generally use low temperature coefficient foils; however, higher temperature coefficient can be used to provide current limiting. Heaters can be designed to be non-magnetic and/or non-inductive.

Foil heaters provide uniform heat distribution due to their low profile and intimate contact with the surface. This also contributes to faster heating and more reliable heater performance.


Operating Temperature Range
–100°C to 200°C (FEP)
–100°C to 350°C (Polyimide)

Kapton®/FEP construction
Kapton®/Polyimide construction

Resistance Tolerance

Watt Density
up to 40 W/in2, typical
up to 80 W/in2, Polyimide to 200°C

0.010" maximum over heater

Greater than 15 mW/°C

TML1 <1%, CVCM2 <0.1%

Lead WIre
Stranded nickel plated copper,
TFE Teflon® insulation
per MIL-W-16878
Kapton® or fiberglass insulation

Dielectric Strength
1250 VAC

Maximum Size
6" x 11"

1 TML = Total Mass Loss
2 CVCM = Combustible Volatile Condensate Material

Teflon® and Kapton® are registered trademarks of Dupont

Please supply the following information:

  1. Terminal or wire location.
  2. What type of material will be heated?
  3. What is the maximum temperature?
  4. How much time is required to bring the material from ambient to the operating temperature?
  5. Approximate dimensions of unit or system to be heated.


  1. Operating temperature: From _____ to _____ °C  °F  (please select units)
  2. Heat up rate: _____min.
  3. Ambient temperature: _____ °C  °F
  4. Heater environment: Will the heater be exposed to weather, wind, rain, etc.? ________
  5. Power requirement: _______ Watts _______ Volts
  6. Dimensions: Width _______ Length _______ Thickness _______
  7. Lead wires: Length _______ Wire Size _______ Insulation __________
  8. Type of material to be heated: __________________________________________________
  9. Weight of unit or material to be heated: ________________ lbs.
  10. Will heater unit be insulated? ________

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