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  Performance Specifications

Operating Temperature Range
–300°F to 300°F

Heat Flow Range
Up to 30,000 BTU/(ft2•hr) with
heat-sink surface at <100°F


Typical Sensitivity

Typical Response Time
0.6 seconds

Typical Thermal Impedance
0.01 °F/BTU/(ft2•hr)

Typical Thermal Capacitance
0.02 BTU/(ft2•°F)


Additional Features

Micro-Foil® Heat Flux Sensors are simple devices that can be used to measure heat flux
in discrete locations. The sensors are unique because they are very thin and provide
minimal perturbations to the flow of heat. They require no special wiring, reference
junctions or special signal conditioning. The accuracy of the measurement with these
devices is optimized by proper installation and the ability to adequately couple the
sensor to the materials surrounding it as well as to any prevailing thermal conditions
such as convection currents.

The ease of installation makes the applications for these sensors almost unlimited since
the thin and flexible sensors can be attached to either flat or curved surfaces and
permanently bonded in place with conventional adhesives or epoxies. Once installed,
the lead wires of the sensors can be connected to simple direct reading mV indicators
to provide accurate measurements of heat flux.

One of the greatest advantages of RdF’s new 27160 Heat Flux Sensor is that it is
manufactured in strips of 21 sensors. It may be arranged in arrays or groups facilitating the measurement of average heat flux over large non-uniform areas.

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