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PW100 (T6) // Immersion Thermocouple
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Replacement for OEM PN 3038413

RdF Corporation is a manufacturer of quality temperature sensors and has been a supplier to the aerospace, military, nuclear, and aircraft industries since 1955. RdF products are in service aboard aircraft and spacecraft; in satellites, laboratory equipment; nuclear and fossil fuel powered generating stations; on military land vehicles and surface/sub-surface sea vessels; and in a variety of industrial process plants and equipment.

This thermocouple sensor has been designed, qualified, and manufactured to be interchangeable with OEM part number 3038413 for use on the following gas turbine engines:

  • PW118 (BS698) / PW118A (BS718)
  • PW119B (BS824)
  • PW120 (BS633 / BS716) / PW121 (BS722 / BS725)
  • PW120A (BS632) / PW121 (BS717)
  • PW123AF (BS723)
  • PW123 (BS707) / PW123B (BS785)
  • PW123C (BS838) / PW123D (BS839)
  • PW124B (BS724 / BS726)
  • PW125B (BS647 / BS761)
  • PW126 (BS691) / PW126A (BS743)
  • PW127 (BS744) / PW127B (BS812 / BS813)
  • PW127D (BS823) STAT S TIMED 30
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