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Industrial Applications

RdF Corporation temperature sensor products provide accurate measurement of temperatures in production processes which include: chemicals, food, beverage, petroleum, paper, geological, metals, plastics, rubber, photographic, and pharmaceuticals. RdF’s line of temperature sensors are designed to provide accurate and repeatable operation, using superior hardware designs compatible with installations worldwide.
» Product Catalog:

•OEM RTD Capsules



•Surface Thermocouples

•Surface RTDs

•Special Industrial Applications (X-2910)
RdF Sensors for Industrial Process

Thin film and wire-wound RTDs
Foil Thermocouples and Heaters
Heat Flux Sensors
Steel Sheathed Probes, RTDs and Thermocouples
Explosion Proof RTDs and Thermocouples
Surface mountable sensors; rigid & flexible styles
Immersible RTDs
Sanitary 3-A registered RTDs
Sensors for use in corrosive fluids: caustic chemicals (I.E., plating baths)

Industrial Applications for RdF Sensors

Cryogenic Transfer Generators – See Hollow Anulus Platinum RTD Probes.
Fiber Injection
Heating-Ventilating-Air Conditioning (HVAC) sensors with transmitter options
Pharmaceutical, Chemical
 Food and Beverage Food Penetration Sensors
Petroleum, Paper, Rubber, Plastics
Geological, metals
 Plating and painting – Paint Booth Sensor. Plating Sensor.
Environment test apparatus
Weighing and measuring instruments
 Oil Industry – Down Hole Logging Tool Sensor

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