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Aerospace Application

RdF Corporation has qualified more than one hundred different types of probes and surface sensors for many of the aerospace prime contractors and sub-contractors. Our sensors for the aerospace industry are used aboard satellites, and both manned and unmanned space vehicles.

Specific Aerospace Programs with RdF participation

Global Positioning Satellite - (GPS) - Federal Aviation Administration
Space Based Infrared System - (SBIR High/Low) - Program Overview
Space Shuttle - NASA
International Space Station - NASA
Airborne Laser - (ABL) - Missile Defence Agency – Boeing, Lockheed & TRW.
Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - U.S. Airforce Factsheet
Reginal Jet - Bombardier Aerospace
National Missile Defense Program - Missile Defense Agency
F-22 Raptor - Boeing, Lockheed Martin
Delta IV Rocket -

Historical Projects:
Surveyor -
NASA or see NASA History
X-33/X-34 - NASA
Thor-Delta booster rocket - NASA
Delta Launch Vehicles - Boeing Launch Record
Gemini & Mercury space capsule - NASA
Apollo Boost Vehicle - NASA
Trident II, Mark 6 - Lockheed Martin
HEDI (High Endo-Atmospheric Defense Interceptor) - Fact Sheet
Lunar Excursion Module - Reference
Navaho Missile - Boeing History

Specific Aerospace Applications for RdF Sensors
Coolant lines
Missile heat shields
Astronaut life support systems
Fuel cells
Engine exhaust
Cryogenic liquids
Vehicle surfaces
Electronic Packages
Electro-mechanical apparatus
RdF Aerospace Products:

Sensors, RTD/Thermocouple/Thermistor
Flexible Surface Sensors
Foil Heaters
Probe Style Sensors
Cryogenic sensors
Foil Thermocouples
Heat flux sensors

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