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RdF Print Format Data Sheets

The pages here are all 800 x 600 optimized for easy onscreen viewing. For printing Catalog Data Sheets and Application notes, an HTML print-format version has been provided.

The print-format data sheets are designed to fit a 8.5" x 11" page with .5 inch margins on top, left and right, and about .7 inch bottom margin. To avoid printing conflicts, we recommend printing with the widest possible margin settings, and Background Images turned ON.

The simple steps to take to enable perfect printing
of our data sheets are as follows:

Printer Friendly

1. Change Page Setup

Open the Page Setup dialog box by choosing
"Page Setup" from the "File" menu.

Clear the "Header" and "Footer" boxes.

You may want to jot down the script there (if you want to restore header and footer printing later).

Reduce margins to the smallest allowable margins. Click "OK".





2. Change Internet Options

Open the Internet Options dialog box from the Tools Menu.

Switch to the Advanced Options tab in the Internet Options Window.

Scroll down until you find the Printer Icon.

Check "Print background colors and images".

Click "Apply". Click "OK".





3. Print Preview

The latest versions of Internet Explorer offer a
"Print Preview" option from the File Menu.

This option provides a nice way
to check the layout of the job.

If after adjusting your "Page Setup" settings, the pages still get cut off before the RdF footer, then check your Printer Properties to see if there are other conflicts at work.



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