NMB brand strain gages are available for OEM manufacturing of load-cells and transducers for applications that include commercial scales, tank and vessel weighing, web-tension, tension measurement in crane cables, PC keyboard "mouse" or cursor controls, high performance body-fat measuring bathroom scale to low cost kitchen and bathroom scales. The strain gages are tailored for uses in force, torque, pressure and displacement measurements from industrial, medical, aerospace and consumer industries.

NMB also offers a broad line of NTEP and OIML certified load-cells for weighing and process control. NMB offerings include precision transducers for measurement of force or torque in machinery and robotics. NMB offers pressure transducers for the machinery and process control industry. NMB offers rotary and flange type torque transducers that combine precision and stability of strain gages with optical signal coupling to minimize RFI interference.

Force Components
Load, Force, Displacement, Torque and Pressure Transducers
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