This temperature sensor is based on platinum resistance temperature technology. This is the same technology used for the most precise temperature measurements in aerospace, laboratory and research.

The sensor combines accuracy with a fast response to temperature change in an air environment. The sensor provides accurate measurements for critical applications in controlled chambers, wind tunnels, cargo
bays, biological storage, air intake, environmental control, heat exchangers, exhaust flues, etc. The stainless steel enclosure protects the sensor from corrosive environments. The perforated sheath protects the sensing element from foreign material.


Operating Temperature Range
–130°C to 220°C (–220°F to 430°F)

Sensing Element
Reference grade platinum,
a = 0.003924 Ω/Ω/°C nominal

Ice Point Resistance
100±0.12 Ω or 1000±1.2 Ω

Time Constant
Less than 10 seconds
in Air (76°C) flowing at 3 ft/sec
Less than 500 milliseconds
in water (100°C) flowing at 3 ft/sec.

Greater than 25 mW/°C

± 0.44Ω (±1.1°C)
or 0.4% of temperature,
whichever is greater

Long Term Stability
The sensor will have less than 0.05°C drift
per year at rated service temperature
with proper mounting

Insulation Resistance
20 megohms min. at 100 VDC

Maximum Current
7 mA

Recommended Current
1–2 mA

Case Material
300 Series Stainless Steel

Circular flange

Connector per Mil-C-26482
or cabled leadwires (3 wire)